Kids' Create - Cubism


Join the Kids' Create, Children's Art Club, where you can learn about different artistic techniques and styles. Each week there will be unique activities and themes, all with the intention of cultivating children's creative side and encouraging their interest in art. The morning class is geared towards children aged 5 to 12. It is $7 plus tax per child. There is also an afternoon program, drop-in kid's history DIY from 1pm tp 2pm. 

Angles, and colours, and shapes, oh my! Join us this Saturday at the KHCC to learn about the geometric and fragmentary Cubism art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso, and create your own 2-dimensional abstract artwork.  

For more information, please call 905-833-2331 or email

Please note that adults must stay on site with their child(ren) but may view the museum galleries (free admission with a child attending the arts club).